Make an Unforgettable First Impression in Bed with these Tips

First impressions are always crucial since it determines further progress. Whether it is an interview, a date or a first night together, the image you make is irreversible and lasts forever. When a guy initiates sex with a girl for the first time, how he will make her feel will determine if it will happen again or not. So, proper preparation is vital before you ask her to come over. 


Great sex is not necessarily your bed performance during and before intercourse. Several other factors play crucial roles, for instance, mood, ambience, smell, appearance etc. Today I will share a couple of hacks that will lead to a mind-bending sexual experience and leave an irresistible first impression of you to her. 


      Be clean and smell nice 


The foremost factor in sex is hygiene and cleanliness. Take a shower, and shave the pubic hair, including underarms and chest (if there is excessive hair). Apart from hygiene, smell plays a pivotal role in arousing the partner. Put on an irresistible perfume to lure her to get closer to you. 


       Set the perfect ambience


Be creative; don't just follow the stuff you have watched in Teen porn. It will show your effort and interest in her. A perfect ambience can lift the mood for steamy sex magically. A bottle of wine, flowers and scented candles are a great match; you can also play soothing jazz in the background.  


       Use every corner of the house


When you have an entire apartment, why stay limited to the bed and bedroom on;y? Instead of jumping straight into bed, you may invite her for a joint bathing session. Warm up a bit with wine while taking a bubble bath together. Also, consider using other places as well as a playground. She will find you kinky. 


       Get ready for your best look


Just because she said yes to it, do not make the mistake of taking it for granted. Get ready for your best look to woo her with your charm again and again. This is an essential part of met-art. Appear in a way where she cannot resist you anymore, and trust me, and she will not even try to.  


Last but not least, the sexual experience will be top-notch indeed. She will be impressed before you even get into her panty if you follow the steps. And about your performance, I know you will rock it.